Where to Adopt Guinea Pigs

Deciding to get a guinea pig is a major decision. However, there are options beyond the pet store that mean you adopt furry companions and help other guinea pigs find their forever homes. With so many options, you may even add more piggles than you thought. That’s what happened with the Guinea Pig Center.

Guinea Pig/Small Animal Shelters

Across the country and the world, there are people who are passionate about small animals such as guinea pigs. These folks set up their own animal shelters, which you can adopt from. Small animal and animal specific shelters offer specialized care that is hard to beat. When you adopt guinea pigs from a small animal shelter, you’re helping that shelter keep its door open and provide care.

Close up of guinea pigs

Local Humane Society

Humane societies offer shelter for way more than the dogs and cats everyone thinks of. If you’re looking to adopt guinea pigs, give your local humane society a call. Since few people realize that guinea pigs can be surrendered there, you’re giving the little critters a much needed second chance. Additionally, local humane societies are part of the community, so you’d be strengthening that fabric.


If you have friends with guinea pigs, you may also be able to adopt from them. Sometimes, people are unable to move their guinea pigs with them. Other times, the guinea pig is no longer wanted in the household. You can adopt the guinea pig(s) without needing to go through a shelter.

The other way you may adopt a guinea pig from a friend is if that friend bred their guinea pig. No one is ever sure how many guinea pigs will be in a litter. However, you may be able to adopt a pair once the guinea pig pups wean and save your friend some searching for homes.

Pair of guinea pigs on grass


There are guinea pig breeders who can pedigree their piggles. Adopting guinea pigs from a breeder ensures you get the breed you’re looking for and any special characteristics. It’s also helpful if you’re sure you want to breed guinea pigs. However, you should confirm the conditions the guinea pigs are being kept in and that none of the female guinea pigs are being used as pup mills before supporting a breeder.

Pet Store

You can adopt guinea pigs from pet stores, though it’s important to be careful while doing so. Often, guinea pigs in pet stores are not receiving expert care. You may end up with a sick or pregnant guinea pig simply because no one knew what to look for. You should also confirm the sexes of any guinea pigs you get from a pet store before introducing them to other guinea pigs.

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