The Story Behind Guinea Pig Center

Guinea Pig Center is a little labor of love for its founder. After all, who could turn down the cute critters? Over the course of my life, I’ve had over 200 of them. Each had a unique personality and story.

The Beginning

When I was five or six, my siblings and I wanted puppies. My mother, in her infinite wisdom, said no. Instead, we got Hazel and Patches. Hazel was female, and Patches was male. So instead of puppies, we got little guinea pigs.

Most of the guinea pigs from that first litter were rehomed once they weaned. However, in that period before, we learned a lot about little guinea pigs, including the trick about guinea pig pups escaping. That’s where the roots of Guinea Pig Center are.

Close up of a guinea pig

After the Move

A couple of years later, we moved states. This change led to a larger house and, of course, more space for the guinea pigs. We did breed a few more litters, but post-move, most of the guinea pigs we had were adopted.

Initially, it started off as a reasonable couple of cages. We did have to house the boys separately, and that added to our cage count. However, the number of cages kept growing, and the composition of the herd kept changing. We had cages made that could be subdivided with a little wire and kept growing from there.

The Wall of Guinea Pigs (aka, when we were a guinea pig center)

The single highest number of guinea pigs we had in the house was 29. Over the course of my preteens and teens, we typically had between 15 and 20 in the house. The few cages morphed into a wall in the living room. At times, the cages were four high.

Over time, the wall evolved. We got one jumbo cage for the base layer since the girls could live together. That changed the wall structure considerably. We also swapped in various cage sizes as the boy groups changed.

Once we started graduating high school, the composition changed again. My parents stopped adopting in new guinea pigs well before we left for college. They figured the time commitments would change, and they were right.

Two guinea pigs eating shredded carrots

Starting Guinea Pig Center

The Guinea Pig Center site is a way for me to revisit my love of these adorable critters and share them with new people like you. These cute critters with unique personalities make exceptional pets. Guinea Pig Center is here for information, so more people can love these critters.