How to Get a Guinea Pig Pregnant

Having guinea pig pups around is exciting, and it’s certainly less work than puppies. However, that leaves one problem. How do you get a guinea pig pregnant?

Understanding Your Responsibility When Getting a Guinea Pig Pregnant

Unfortunately, guinea pig pups do not stay little forever. As the owner, you need to be prepared to keep the entire litter if you cannot find them good homes. Additionally, you’ll need a separate space for any male pups. At between three and four weeks, they can impregnate their siblings.

Close up of a guinea pig

Finding a Boar to Get a Guinea Pig Pregnant

Unless you want to keep a male guinea pig around, finding a boar can be an issue. If you have a friend with one, you can arrange to borrow him for a couple of weeks. If not, ask in your local cavy community.

Introducing the Pair

Introductions do need at least two days, during which the guinea pigs meet each other without the opportunity to bite. It’s best to position the guinea pigs in separate cages placed next to each other.

If they do not fight through the cage walls, consider introducing them in a neutral location, such as a laundry basket. Doing this a couple of times helps them get used to the idea. Then you can place them in a sufficiently sized cage and monitor them for a few hours.

Guinea pig with wild hair

Housing While You’re Waiting to Get the Guinea Pig Pregnant

If possible, it’s best to house your breeding pair together while you’re waiting to get the guinea pig pregnant. You may see them living amicably or spending time on opposite ends of the cage. Either case indicates that your sow is not yet in heat.

Knowing When to Pull the Boar

Guinea pig heat cycles vary between 14 and 19 days, so that’s how often you have the opportunity. Observation may let you pinpoint your sow’s cycle, but usually, it’s a guessing game.

You can pull the boar after three weeks or after you notice the twelve hours of mating frenzy. If you own the boar, you can wait to see if your female gains weight and acts pregnant as well.

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