How Big Do Guinea Pigs Get?

Whether you’ve been looking at cute baby guinea pig videos or considering adding a new furry family member, you’ve probably wondered, “How big do guinea pigs get?” so you can get an idea of their space requirements.

How Big Can Guinea Pigs Get Length Wise?

Guinea pigs can be anywhere from 20 to 30 inches long. Guinea pigs rapidly grow from their birth length of a few inches to their full length. In a matter of weeks, you can see how they grow and get an idea of their full size.

How Much Can a Guinea Pig Weigh?

Guinea pigs can weigh anywhere from 1.5 pounds to 2.5 pounds on average. However, some guinea pigs are bigger than others. The size of your guinea pigs will vary, and that’s part of the charm of having a herd.

Pair of guinea pigs on grass

How to Weigh a Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs can be weighed in a few different ways. To do this properly, you need a scale, a way to record the data, and a way to keep your guinea pig still without adding it to the weight measurement.

You can weigh guinea pigs using a small pet scale. You can also use a food scale if that’s what you have on hand, but make sure to clean it afterward. Generally, the best option has sides to define the space for the guinea pig.

You may need to bribe your guinea pigs to remain on the scale since accurate readings rely on stillness. Holding a carrot chunk for them to gnaw on is a good option. Once you have a steady reading, record it somewhere so you can track their weight over time.

Guinea pig eating an apple

Does Sex Make a Difference in How Big Guinea Pigs Get?

Sex does make a difference in how big guinea pigs get. Typically, male guinea pigs are larger than female guinea pigs. However, there are many factors in overall weight, so you may end up with small males and giant females.

Does Guinea Pig Breed Affect How Big They Get?

Guinea pig breeding also affects how big guinea pigs get. Some breeds, like the Rex, are much bigger than smaller options, like the American guinea pig. Additionally, skinny and Baldwin guinea pigs don’t have the hair weight other breeds do.

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