Guinea Pig Tricks: 6 Easy Tricks

Guinea pigs may be naturally cute, but there’s something so wholesome about guinea pig tricks. Most guinea pigs just need a little time to learn various party tricks, and as a bonus, learning tricks helps them when they may need vet care.

What You Need to Teach Guinea Pig Tricks

Most guinea pigs will learn tricks for their favorite foods. Due to how much they will be eating during training, you should cut their favorite fruits and veggies into tiny pieces. You may want to use a small dish to hold all of this.

You also need to understand luring. Guinea pigs will sniff for food, and they’re great at finding it. Luring is keeping something they want (food) in front of their noses to “lure” them into the position or sequence of positions you want them to take. This method can take some practice, so you may want to try holding treats in various ways before you bring your guinea pig out of their enclosure.

Easy Guinea Pig Tricks to Teach

It’s important to remember that some guinea pigs will pick up some tricks faster than others. Patience is key. Additionally, you may have to train and re-train tricks to keep them fresh for your guinea pig.

This video was not made by Guinea Pig Center, but it does a really good job showing the basics.

Responding to Their Name

One of the easiest tricks to teach is responding to their names. To teach this, you reward them for coming to you first, and then you start saying their name as they’re coming to you. This trick is easiest if they’re on the floor with you, but you can also teach it through an enclosure wall.


Circle or spin is among the cutest things a guinea pig can do on command. To teach this guinea pig trick, you want to lure them with a treat in a circle. Over time, your guinea pig will associate the motion with the command. Once they start responding to the motion, you can start saying the word.

Paws Up

Paws up is a practical guinea pig trick where they place their paws on your palm. It’s great for checking feet and building trust. Your hand should start flat on the floor, and you lure the guinea pig and reward any time their paws touch your hand. After a few times, reward when both paws are in your hand. Make sure they’re comfortable before you start fractionally moving your hand up, and repeat each increase several times before moving on.

Guinea pig on books

Follow a Target

You can create a small target with a ball and a small stick. You start teaching your guinea pig this by rewarding any touching of a stationary stick. Gradually, move the stick further away from your guinea pig an inch at a time, and keep rewarding! You can work this up to multiple touches and gradually move to more complex patterns.

Stand Up

Stand up is a cute trick that is helpful in checking your guinea pig’s belly. To teach this guinea pig trick, you want to hold the vegetable or fruit lure just out of your guinea pig’s reach above their head. They should get the reward initially when one paw leaves the ground. Then, gradually move to reward two paws leaving the ground. Once they get comfortable with the idea, you can work on the height until they’re stretched all the way up.

Some guinea pigs struggle with their balance on this trick. Remember to work on the height gradually to keep them comfortable.

Pair of guinea pigs


Hoops are another fun trick. Initially, you’ll need to stick your hand with a treat through the hoop and lure them through the first several times. Gradually, you’ll start the lure a little further away from your guinea pig. Once they’re reliably walking through the hoop, you can begin associating a word with it. At some point, you can even try raising the hoop a bit.

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