Guinea Pig Chirping

Chirping is among the rarest of guinea pig sounds, and some guinea pig owners never hear this mysterious sound. Guinea pig chirping is also one of the least understood sounds they can make, and you may be puzzled if you hear it.

What is Guinea Pig Chirping?

Guinea pig chirping is relatively close to a bird song, and that’s what many people think it is when they first hear it. Some guinea pig owners report their guinea pigs being almost entranced when they chirp.

How Often Do Guinea Pigs Chirp?

Some guinea pigs never chirp, some will only do it a few times, and some exceptional guinea pigs are constant chirpers. However, the never to rarely is far more common as far as guinea pig chirps.

Young guinea pig outside

What Does Guinea Pig Chirping Mean?

Unlike the common wheeks and purring, no one has a definitive reason for guinea pig chirps. There are a few different ideas for what guinea pig chirping actually means, so it’s essential to consider the noise in context.


Some guinea pigs will chirp when they’re feeling a little distress. This reason also speaks to why chirping is like bird song, which would be misleading to predators but understood by other guinea pigs as a warning to pay attention.


Guinea pigs are prey animals, meaning any changes in their environment provoke uncertainty. Chirping may be in response to something new in their enclosure, something they didn’t expect, or anything that makes them feel like prey.


Some guinea pigs may also chirp out of stress. Chirping is believed to indicate low-level stress when compared to some of the more dramatic sounds guinea pigs can make. There are not many specifics about what type of stress can trigger chirping.

Pair of guinea pigs on grass


Some people have stated they believe their guinea pigs’ chirps are actually happy noises based on when they occur. While this theory is less popular among veterinary researchers, it is still possible.

Young and Excited

Some young guinea pigs will randomly chirp. No one is quite sure why, but it often appears while exploring their environments. It may come down to young guinea pigs experimenting before their mom teaches them to communicate.

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