GIFs of Funny Guinea Pigs

You probably see your guinea pigs as cute members of the family. Did you know there are so many funny guinea pigs out there too? Fortunately, guinea pigs tend to be willing to show off their adorable quirks again and again.

There are a lot of guinea pigs who tolerate getting dressed up, and as long as they’re not stressed or eating the costume, they’re fine. This opens up a lot of options for funny guinea pigs, like the one above who is dressed as a rhino.

All About Food

Let’s be honest, your furry friend will do many things for vegetables. Of course, they also do funny things with vegetables, from tossing lettuce that doesn’t meet their standards to the stains that result from anything red and juicy.

All Together Funny Guinea Pigs

While one guinea pig may be funny, it’s always a good watch when guinea pigs get together in groups. In many ways, it multiplies the fun factor whatever the guinea pigs are doing. Even if it’s something completely normal, a single guinea pig acting confused makes it great.

Funny Guinea Pig Tricks

One thing you may do with your guinea pigs is teach them tricks. While it’s a good socialization option and healthy as long as the guinea pig is not stressed, sometimes the results are very amusing. Most people start with practical guinea pig tricks and work their way up to ones like these.

The Joy of Capybaras

Capybaras are giant rodents native to South America that are distantly related to guinea pigs. They’re also known for their zen-like demeanor and willingness to make friends with almost anything. Some things capybaras do, you can see your guinea pig do too in your home.

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