Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

Enriching your guinea pig’s standard diet of hay and pellets with various fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens helps them stay healthy. The answer to can guinea pigs eat apples is yes, and they’re a cost-effective addition to the rotation.

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How Much Apple Can a Guinea Pig Have?

Guinea pigs should not be given whole apples due to the amount of sugar in the fruit. Unfortunately, the sugar in apples means you must moderate how many slices end up in your guinea pig cage.

Generally, you want to give your guinea pigs no more than a wedge of an apple once or twice per week. If you’re using an apple slicer, that’s 1/8th to 1/10th of the apple at max. Many people cut the wedges in half again to ensure their guinea pigs don’t get too much.

Often, the easiest way to give your guinea pig an apple is to wash the apple, slice it up, and give them their portion. Then, you can eat the rest of the apple. It’s a nutritional win for everyone involved.

Guinea pig investigating a tomato

What Parts Can Guinea Pigs Eat from Apples?

When talking about whether guinea pigs can eat apples, it’s important to ensure you’re providing the best possible nutrition with the treat. That’s why choosing the pieces to give to your guinea pig is so vital.

Apple flesh and skin are both valuable to the guinea pig, though the skin is more nutritionally valuable than the flesh. Like many fruits and vegetables with skins, the skin is more densely packed with nutrients, and it’s where a lot of the fiber is.

Apple cores are another option for guinea pigs as they tend to be very fibrous. Their teeth are meant to gnaw on hard things, which human teeth are not. However, you want to make sure your guinea pig avoids the apple seeds, which contain small amounts of poisonous substances, or remove the seeds entirely.

If you go shopping for guinea pig treats in the store, you probably see a few apple-flavored varieties. Make sure you read the nutrition information and intended breeds carefully and use these treats in great moderation if you want to use them at all.

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Do Guinea Pigs Have a Favorite Type of Apples?

Like people, guinea pigs do have flavor preferences. For example, you may find that your guinea pig prefers red apples over green varieties since green apples tend to be sour. You may also find your guinea pig has a favorite apple breed.

Typically, if you can get ahold of them, organic and unwaxed apples are the best options for guinea pigs. Choosing organic fruits and vegetables minimizes the chemical risk. However, if organic is not available or affordable, a conventional apple is still a solid call.

The Definitive Answer: Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat apples and often do with great enjoyment. However, moderation is key when letting your guinea pigs enjoy apples, or their digestive systems may become overwhelmed.

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